Pennies 2015

A Penny Farthing gathering & informal social weekend

Invitation to take part in the Morris Register Rally at Thoresby Park on the weekend of the 8th and 9th August. It is proposed to be the biggest gathering of old Morris motors.

Arrival would be on Friday evening (camping on the Thoresby Lawns)

We cannot use the roads around the estate would be an informal Time Trial from Stone bridge to the hall gates, taking place as a demo event on the Saturday afternoon with the first part riding as slow as you can between a set of cones then a sprint to the finish, and then our traditional slalom racing, then perhaps a Paper Boy Race in the evening … we would all be invited to the live activity in the evening that is being put on by the Morris Register.

For more information please follow our Facebook page.

Regards Graeme Wideload

Results: 2014 British Open Penny Farthing Championships

Here are the full results of the 2014 British Open Penny Farthing Championships as part of the Dare 2b Thoresby Cycle Fest:

Position Name Rider no
1st Dave Preece 24
2nd Roger Davies 21
3rd Richard Thoday 15
4th Dane Smith 20
5th P Semler 16
6th K Read 18
7th M Rushton 27
8th PS ??? 22
9th Graeme Waters 14
10th Les New 19
11th Matthew Trott 17
12th Patsi Harrington 23
13th J Gray 26
14th Ed Knight 25

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CANCELLED – Women’s CiCLE Classic

Tuesday 29th April 2014

Cicle Womens logo

Women’s CiCLE Classic

It is with regret that we announce today, the cancellation of the inaugural Women’s CiCLE Classic. Due to various circumstances the decision has been taken to cancel the event for this year.

The event which would have formed part of the Thoresby CiCLE Fest to be held over the weekend of 17th /18th May 2014 has proved logistically more difficult to arrange than had been anticipated and rather than the event go ahead at a lesser level than that expected of an event bearing the CiCLE name, cancellation was the only course of action.

After the successful introduction of the first Junior CiCLE Classic alongside the established International race last weekend, I remain committed to promoting a similar quality race for Women on the domestic race calendar. However, I am not prepared to stage a race that I would consider to be ‘sub-standard’ and below what the Women deserve. I trust that all concerned will understand this decision and the reasons why it has been taken. Rest assured however, the race WILL go ahead in the future!

All other events forming part of the Thoresby CiCLE Fest weekend will go ahead as planned, with particular emphasis upon the Dare2b sponsored inaugural CiCLE Tour Sportifs over varying distances and for all ability levels. Entries via the ITP events website.

For further information:

Colin Clews 07979 85 62672